Alhamdulilahi rabbil alamiin.

Assalatuassalam asrafil ambia iwal mursalin wa alihi wasahbihi ajmain. Brothers and sisters. Assalamualaikum wrbt.

Welcome to WAIM’.

The World Academy of Islamic Management (WAIM) set up in 2015 is a non profit academic society devoted to promoting scholarly research and publication in Islamic management in all its branches. It is aimed at providing a platform for academicians to exchange ideas and enrich their endeavours for applications in the business world. Besides organizing conferences we also publish a journal called Journal of Islamic Management Studies (JIMS), published in January and July every year. WAIM also conducts courses in the areas of our expertise. There are many publications in the market on Islamic management or management from Islamic perspective or tawhidic approach to management, but sadly there has been little empirical research in this area. Most of the works offer descriptive analysis, or case studies of some selected organizations but efforts at translating concepts into measurements and testing them empirically are still being debated or works in progress. This is the area which WAIM would like lend emphasis on. Shukran

Prof. Dr. Faridah Hj Hassan
President of WAIM